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Solo dos semanas!

Two weeks from yesterday is when my transfer is! We are extremely excited, though per usual, I’m more emphatic than J. I thought I had avoided the headaches that come with this round of meds – or had built up a tolerance – but, they came slamming back into my life yesterday which is a good, constant reminder of my ever present goal.

I have an appointment on Friday to look at my lining! Since this is not known to be an issue, I’m excited and hopeful. Assuming all goes well, three weeks from tomorrow is my first beta (blood test) and I cannot believe that it’s almost here! I’ve started the dangerous/positive practice of talking about them and planning how the holidays will go. I am aware they have to survive the thaw, transfer well, implant, then make it in my womb. There will be no genetic testing since we want our only two transferred, but it makes it a little more unknown as to their genetic quality. I’ve got a good feeling that they’re strong and resilient!

If all things go as planned, my due date will be in mid-December. With twins (fraternal, if both embryos implant), they consider you full term earlier, so it would likely be late November. For those of you who want to caution me from thinking this way with so much left in the process, I would assume you’ve never been through this. It’s impossible not to think about, and I’m choosing to share it with you. In the back of my mind constantly is the possibility of loss, but for now, I’m focusing on what could be. Trust me, I’ve tried to mind fuck myself from here to tarnation, but it’s just not possible. So, thank you for your opinions, but kindly fuck off. 💋

So, under two weeks until I am pregnant. Two weeks isn’t so hard when you’ve been waiting for forever!


5 thoughts on “Solo dos semanas!

  1. Fingers crossed for you! We take the track of being hopeful for the next small step, I can’t mentally go beyond that. But it doesn’t matter which track you take, if it’s bad news it’s devastating no matter how you’ve mentally “prepared” yourself. Hope is good, we are pulling for you from afar.


  2. Life is rife with loss. The only healthy, the only possible way forward is hope. Positively hoping is my outlook. Your Dad and I always believe the best for the best. XOXOXOXO


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