Nature vs. Nurture

**Skip if you’re only interested in Annie’s infertility updates.**

One of my favorite past times is to look up stories of twins separated at birth who have been reunited as adults. Most of the time, they end up in similar professions, with similar relationship choices, and often times the same model of car. I’ve always believed in the power of nurture but there’s something that can’t be argued about genetics. (Lol, just reread this. It’s called biology 😂)

I often look at different groups of people with whom I am in close contact and analyze the elements of their lives that were similar to mine or another person to draw conclusions about different traits and lifestyles. Based solely on my observations, this can’t be considered scientific by any means, but it’s interesting to me.

Nurture and nature wise, my brother is the closest person to me. Though similar in many ways, we also differ fairly significantly. He’s way smarter and more creative, but also challenges me to be better. He’s one of the most incredible people in the world and I’m certainly very lucky to be his sibling. That was a bit of a digression from my original story, however.

I went to a small, Catholic school all my life. Through eighth grade, it was coed and high school was single sex. Most people stayed from first through eight grade so I became well acquainted with them and their families. As an inquisitive person, I like to know what happened to everyone and keep in touch as much as I can.

There is one person who moved into public school for high school and seemed to fall into some legal trouble with drugs and other things. He is currently in prison until 2019. After examining all his charges, it’s hard to say if I agree with his sentencing, but that’s irrelevant.

He is engaged and is expecting his first child while in the clink. I’ve been debating for several months on purchasing baby gifts for them anonymously. I settled on yes with the hope that the mama will realize she had some support and be able to be strong for her new baby. Some might disagree with this decision – she very recently got sober and has had quite the life at a very young age, but sometime everyone needs another chance.

I hope for their baby that their life settles down and they are able to lead a lifetime of happiness. 💕


2 thoughts on “Nature vs. Nurture

  1. Annie, I think it’s great that you are supporting this couple as they try to ‘clean up their lives’ and make a life for their baby!! Good for you

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