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Shots & Pills. My favorite cocktail.

It’s amazing how quickly you adjust to a new normal. I’ve been off of shots for a while and I’ve had a countdown in all of my planners to the day I get to start again. They signify progress and hopefully the last stop on this journey to my sweet babe.

I took my last BCP, for which I’m thankful. I am in an unhealthy resentful relationship with BC and it makes me feel weird in a way I can’t explain. Through the last thirty days, I’ve been having a lot of pain. I’m at the 13 month mark since my surgery and I suspect that before preceding with another round (i hope with all my heart that isn’t necessary), I’ll need to go under the knife again to remove some of the endometriosis.

I get to start my shots and other pills on Thursday after my scan! Hopefully, everything is calm in my reprosys and we can start juicing quickly.

I’ve taken several baths recently to get that out of my system since hot water and transferred embryos don’t mix. I’ve maintained abstinence on nail polish and hair dye for quite some time and I’ve ordered scent-free shampoo and conditioner for the weeks preceding the transfer. I’m ready for my babies, I hope they’re ready to settle in for the long haul.

In other news, J’s grandmother died yesterday and I am having a really difficult time with it. She was one of my favorite people and even through her descent through Alzheimer’s, I felt as though we had a good connection.  She was open, silly, and from the moment I met her always made me feel welcome and like part of the family.  I know it’s better – she’s with her husband and is now free from the chains of Alzheimer’s.


2 thoughts on “Shots & Pills. My favorite cocktail.

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure she’ll be sending some extra love and luck from above.


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