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Have you tried…? And Calendar Day!!

Today was calendar day which is something I look forward to immensely! It is when I am close to starting a new part of this lovely procreation journey.  So, today, I finally received that big Manila envelope, I tore it open like an obese child eating a pack of Twinkies. **I know that obesity isn’t always the child’s fault and it’s not really a joke, but for the sake of this, can you all just enjoy the funny image without any other subtext?**

I gotta say, though this is the “simplest” time – according to the doctors – it looks significantly more intimidating.  But, I love to schedule things and I can’t wait to write this all down in my planner.  My last BCP will be on 3/6 and things will move aggressively from there.  I will start my Lupron injections again to continue the slight suppression, as well as estrogen supplements, baby aspirin, and antibiotics in the beginning.  I will add my Progesterone in oil injections and some other weird stuff about five days prior to transfer.  I will continue on Estrogen supplements, Progesterone in oil injections (intramuscular, rather than subcutaneous), and some vaginal suppositories post-transfer “until further notice” if the pregnancy test is positive.  My beta test will be on 4/5, 9 days post transfer.  Many people test earlier (at home, pee-on-a-stick style), but they don’t recommend it due to false negatives, etc.

This all is assuming that my body responds to the meds properly and that my lining gets super fluffy and ready for transfer!  So, I’m excited to start.

In case you’re wondering what I’ve tried…see below for this helpful picture! 🙂 XXOX.

5 thoughts on “Have you tried…? And Calendar Day!!

  1. Love you Annie girl! You have been so strong throughout this challenging journey! I’m so happy for you and Justin to begin this phase! 😊💕


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