Frozen Embryo Transfer

FET Scheduled!

After starting my period, I called the doctor, awaiting new instructions. After discussing days, I went with my initial gut feeling of Tuesday, March 27.  The transfer will be in the afternoon and I have mandatory 24 hours of bed rest afterwards.

So, for the next 52 days, I’ll be [im]patiently waiting and focused on preparing the best uterus I can.  I’ve allowed myself a little “break” per say, but I need to keep focused on being as healthy and relaxed as I can.  I will get my transfer calendar in the next few weeks and start on birth control tomorrow.  I did again ask about a February transfer, but due to my body overall (but also most people’s), they want to suppress a bit longer after a retrieval to ensure all cysts from the egg growth can subside.

Shortly after I start birth control, I’ll start the suppression injections, as well. Then will come the estrogen supplements, followed by progesterone supplements for a few days prior to the transfer. I will know more when I get my calendar; for now, I wait.


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