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Hatchimals, the acoustic version

I’m fascinated both by the concept and the execution of Hatchimals. They are these little creatures that live in some weird plastic egg that “hatch” whenever you give them enough love and attention. They’re like virtual pets for 2017-2018. For whatever reason, prior to watching YouTube videos (because no, I don’t own one) about their hatching, I assumed that the egg cracked apart at the top as the animal aggressively spun like a top into existence. Here’s an example, but you will need to imagine the spinning:Monday was a day of wait. I thought I would for certain hear by 11:00, so I waited until then to follow up. I believe it was the most honest conversation I’ve ever had with them; I called and said I’m going insane, I just need an eta of when I’m going to hear. The receptionist put me on a long hold and eventually came back with a fraction of news. The embryologist was planning on reviewing the bebes at 12 and M would call me shortly after 1. In my head, that was not positive because it didn’t indicate certainty of any sort.

Before 1, M called me and asked how I was. That question always perplexes me when asked by anyone because I don’t understand the intent, but even more so by her. Is she trying to determine my mental stability? We moved past that quickly and she said “We have 2 frozen embryos.” I started crying because, why not?! But then, attentively listened to the details. My sweet, perfect 8-cell, grade 1 embryo hatched on Sunday and was frozen, and my overzealous 10-cell hatched on Monday and was frozen. My 10-cell (I’m referring to them by their characteristics on day 3 because it’s easy to differentiate) embryo was down graded for quality, but was still viable enough to be frozen. I never knew I could worry and care so much about 400 (give or take) cells (each embryo is likely 150-200 each, at this point). Yes, this is overall amazing news. It’s further than we’ve gotten, but I still felt a loss from the one who didn’t make it. You might not agree that the loss of 5 cells is a loss, but I assure you, it’s hard. Or, maybe it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay, too.

So what now? I wait for my period and call. They want to suppress me for more than 2 weeks, so we are planning for a late March transfer. She said I could do anything from the 27-30 probably, so if I was concerned about time off (due to bed rest required), they could get me on for Friday now. All I want is my babies in my body as quickly as possible, so I’m hoping for an earlier date. I will be on different meds in preparation for the transfer and will keep you all updated when I know more!

Things I do know:

  • Yes, we plan on transferring both bebes. There’s little risk of spontaneous division at the blastocyst phase so the likelihood of the embryos dividing would be small.
  • We are hopeful.
  • Waiting is not my strong suit.
  • Today, I spent 10 minutes with the person bagging my groceries teaching them a more efficient way. I’m the worst.

All my love!


5 thoughts on “Hatchimals, the acoustic version

  1. You are the BEST! Don’t forget it. I’m so happy you are at this stage. I love you all! πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  2. Oh Annie, so excited or you guys! So glad Borace and Horace are cooperating. I always knew it. Love you 😚😚😚


  3. Are Borace and Horace your bebes names?? haha love it!!! I’m so happy for you guys πŸ™‚ Love you soo soooooo much!!!


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