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ThirdLove and my first time being sold, even secondarily, by Facebook

At the end of September, I met a couple friends in Chicago to see Kelly’s new place, go to this Poshmark party, and just enjoy good company. As one of my friends, Bailey, is nursing, we talked about nursing, bras, and all things boob several times. She said that she had purchased a ThirdLove bra after seeing the advertisements a million times while up feeding sweet Elle at all hours of the night. She and I have drastically different chest profiles (for lack of a better descriptor), but she said it was the most comfortable bra she had ever owned. Now, I’m a sucker for trying things when people describe them as ‘the most,’ or ‘the best’ of something. If nothing else, it gives you some insight into that person. (Maybe not for bras, but I love when people tell me movies, books, music, food, etc. changed their life. So, if you have something like this, please let me know and I assure I will watch, read, listen, or try so that we can have a discussion.)

I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed to admit this or not, but I wear one of two bras, every day (mostly one). I have one other one that occasionally gets some use, but I have very few that are in my normal rotation. After considering this for too long and coming to the conclusion that I might be a slob, I finally got around to clicking on the ad (ugh, I know I should have gone to it organically, but the ad was so convenient) the other week. The ad immediately takes you to a bra finder that identifies the issues that you have with your current bra, asks the size and brand that you normally wear, then recommends a size and type of bra. The ad offers 15-25% off which automatically is applied in your cart. One of the unique things about these bras is that they offer half cup sizes for – supposedly – the optimal fit.

I purchased two – the 24×7 T-shirt bra and the lace 24×7 T-shirt bra. After having a week to wear them both, I can say that they truly are great bras! They’re comfortable, yet supportive and fit extremely well. Even under form-fitting shirts, the lace wears flat and is seamless. If you hate it, there’s a money back guarantee, so the risk is minimal.

I would say it’s definitely worth it to check out – I’m going to try a strapless next time (aka the devil of all bras).


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