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Sperm Omelette

This morning, after five minutes of sleep, I went in for egg retrieval. Much like the previous time, I got undressed and into a hospital gown. (Business idea: more attractive hospital gowns.) It’s funny because they say it has to open in the back but we can’t tie it. I suddenly noticed how many doors the room had – 5. It was like a game show that J names “Behind these doors.” After I kissed him and wished him well on his journey to masturbate successfully, I went into the room and laid down as they got the IV started. The husband/wife anesthesiologist team was the same as last time and made me feel a bit at ease. My heart rate and blood pressure were crazy, like last time, but they said that I could be proud of my functional nervous system.

We spoke about translations of informed consent in hospitals and using robots as translators. That was helpful in calming me down. Then, M, K, and DRW came in, shut off the main lights, and activated the theater lightning. They told me they would start giving me meds, they wrapped me like a burrito, and I placed my legs 10 feet in the air in super leg stirrups. My last thought was me giving Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday to my eggs.

I woke up shortlyish after and asked the time (per usual) and if it was terrible. They said no, it wasn’t terrible, but they wanted to wait for J to tell me instead. Well, like any normal (or crazy) person, I assumed it was some weird con and that it was awful. It was a long couple minutes. I transferred to a third room in a leather easy chair, still pretty much naked where J met me with my clothes and purse. Anyway, he then gave me the news that they got 7 (!!!) eggs. He said they knew one of them was likely dead (I assumed the huge follicle), but that we would have to wait for DRW to do the debrief.

So, 7 eggs, 2 were dead immediately, 2 were not quite mature, and 3 were mature. There is a chance that the 2 could mature today, so tomorrow, I will have a fertilization report of 3-5 eggs. They had to go through the endometrioma to get some, so they did suck that out as well which makes for some additional cramping today.

We also discussed the fact that due to the lining of my uterus, we wouldn’t be able to go forward with a fresh transfer. So, my embiebabies will be frozen and hopefully transferred next month. More, different medicines and something new to learn about!

So I’m relaxing today and sending all my thoughts to the fertilization of my eggs.

One thought on “Sperm Omelette

  1. Keeping our fingers crossed for you each step of the way. Those 2-3 days waiting for the next news are excruciating! Also, I’ve done 2 fresh transfers and 1 frozen, and I much preferred the frozen transfer. Gives your body and mind a chance to come down off all those hormones.

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