I have no creative title ideas!

Yesterday, I went to the doctor at 9:45. The time prior went surprisingly quickly for which I was very thankful!

I got there and performed my normal routine. V greets me and we discuss our plans for the day while I pay. You can get your receipt printed or emailed, so that’s convenient! Her lipstick was amazing yesterday because she was headed out for a date after work with her husband. She’s an avid country concert goer, so we always enjoy discussing that.

This time, K drew my blood because M was finishing up an egg retrieval. It was good to catch up with her; she was my primary nurse in the beginning prior to moving onto IVF. After the blood draw, I went in and did the normal routine. Third appointment in a row for which I wore socks so it’s nice to keep my feet warm.

DRW and M piled in the room with me as I was wanded. The two people is helpful since my reprosys is so sketchy, so someone can push on me to appropriately position my twisted womb. I am having trouble watching now, but still do, for the most part. It was a long US, with many pictures and even more commentary. I still have the big follicle and then I have one huge endometrioma on one ovary. Good news, I have 5 follicles still growing!

My estrogen levels came in at 880 (!!!!!) and my progesterone is staying low. So, we are giving my follicles another couple days to grow. Tonight is hopefully my last night of stimming and I have an US and blood work tomorrow morning. God willing, my egg retrieval will be on Tuesday! Like last time, I assume they will try to suck out the endometrioma after they get my eggs.

Remember my crazy soapbox post Signs vs. Science? Well, this cycle started on the 8th, my favorite number and my estrogen is at 880, so I’m feeling good. I was trying to describe to people how I feel which is difficult. Emotionally, of course, I’m a crazy wreck, but physically I feel softer, less aggressive, and more tingly. I’m sure that’s not super helpful, but it’s the best I can do.

I’m relaxing today, counting down the hours until tomorrow AM. Hoping with all my might for 5 follicles to be mature and ready to yield some bebes.

Cheers & love!


3 thoughts on “I have no creative title ideas!

  1. I’m not sure what’s going on, but, after reading you post, I got all tingly and tears came to my eyes. So, for sure and without doubt, I’m on your side!!!!

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