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The “hidden” costs of IVF, besides your sanity.

What does IVF cost? I google it still – even though I know from my personal experience in order to see people’s different experiences. In many other countries, IVF and other fertility treatments are covered by insurance. In the US, they are not. There are a few carriers that are starting to offer some coverage, but most cap out at $2,000 annually. If you have been through this or know someone who has, you will know that $2,000 is laughable.

Why isn’t it covered, you might ask? It’s considered elective. Well, trust me, I wouldn’t have elected to do this if I had a choice. (Yes, I understand the choice lies in me trying to have a bebe.) We live in an age where most lap band surgeries are covered by insurance- even when not accompanied by medical issues that have caused the weight issues. I suppose this is because it could lead to health problems, but I do think it’s interesting that something like that is not considered elective. You can get a nose job covered if your deviated septum is severe, not just to fix the issue but to alter the shape, as well. Seems like there should be a loophole for infertility, but alas, there is not.

So, you hear about the costs of ICSI, egg retrieval, and the actual transfer fairly often, but the “hidden costs” can add up extremely quickly. Every ultrasound and each blood draw comes with it a price tag that is not insignificant! Then, the medicine. I’ve never known such small quantities of medicine to pack such a hefty price tag. Depending on the quantity and length of the medicine you are prescribed, the cost can double.

Why am I thinking about this now? Well, I started our taxes yesterday and started looking into the medical expense deduction and guess what?! We can deduct anything not paid by an HSA. The deduction only kicks in when the amount paid exceeds 10% of your AGI, but it is still a definite positive! So, for all of you fellow TTC sisters who might be in this situation, make sure you keep track of your expenses so you can utilize this deduction!

Therefore, yesterday, I relived the money we spent in 2017. It’s crazy to write it all out and hard to believe.

Fingers crossed for the appointment tomorrow that everything still looks good! Today will be spent watching the snow and cooking up warm foods.


3 thoughts on “The “hidden” costs of IVF, besides your sanity.

  1. Super random, but tax lawyer here…. The new tax bill actually lowers that 10% floor to 7.5% for tax year 2017 so you’ll get to write off a little bit more this year! 🙂


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