Headaches in the evening, stirrups in the morning!

Last night was the first time when I genuinely didn’t think I was going to be able to work because of the headaches. It was fleeting, mainly just from 1-3 AM, but holy buckets. Thankfully, I survived and everything was fine. I was probably being overly dramatic with myself since it was the middle of the night. 😉

Anyway, remember stirrup pants? I loved those, they kept the pants right where they should be and secured to the bottom of your feet.

For any woman who has been to a gynecologist, stirrups have a different meaning. This morning, I had an appointment at 7:15. First and foremost, I had to pay the big payment. More complicated than last time, I was splitting it between three cards: J’s HSA, my HSA, and a different card. Each of them have insanely low daily limits, so I had to call each bank to raise the limit. It was thrilling.

During my last phone call, I was taken back and had my blood drawn. I don’t yet know if I’m happy or sad by all the workers knowing me by name. Additionally today, they asked me why I wasn’t wearing heels, so they’re observant of my dressing patterns, as well. They commented that my toes would stay warm whilst stirruped which then made me laugh hysterically.

Anyway, I brought my meds in so they could combine the remainders for me (it’s quite nice that they offer to do it), so I had a little bit longer in the room after depantsing prior to being seen. I considered the consistent decorating scheme of every doctor’s office and thought about how nice a painted ceiling would be. Then, the ultrasound came and while I’m not super experienced at reading them, I could tell it was better than normal. After maneuvering around, we discussed: 6 follicles on one side and 3-4 on the other! I was elated. This is better than any of the times I’ve been on meds, so I’m incredibly hopeful. I scheduled another appointment for Monday and left, awaiting the call regarding my blood work.

I received the call around three and my estradiol is at 87! While not amazing, it was only day four of stimming. The only time I’ve gotten to egg retrieval previously, it was 60 on day 5, so I feel really encouraged!! Looks like the meds are working and I just hope they continue. Monday is another US and blood work to see how my follicles are doing.

I’m very excited and can’t wait to see what happens Monday!

Cheers & love.

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