I am my father’s daughter

Most people know that I love the Counting Crows.  Specifically, the album August and Everything After is very near and dear to my heart. This album came out right before my brother’s tenth birthday; I was six.  My dad worked nights growing up and had a very interesting sleep schedule. This worked for our family because my mom could take us to school and my dad picked us up at 3:00 PM while my mom finished out her work day.

On the weekends, however, my dad would either be off work or would get home around 4:00-5:00 AM. My brother and mom love sleeping. They can sleep in and sleep through [just about] anything.  More akin to my father (or because of him), I’ve always been an early riser. On the weekends, my dad would start playing August and Everything After at an obscene time to see if it would rustle up any willing participants for the day.  So, every weekend from when I was six until I was eight (a new album was found after two years), I woke up to the familiar first three chords of Round Here. It’s actually quite a nice wake-up call.  Anyway, we [I] always tease my dad about that.

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready in the bathroom while J was still asleep. This is par for the course as I prefer to get into work at 6 or so, but sometimes I really want to talk to someone in the morning.  So, I started playing music. I know, I know…we don’t have a big house and it was likely he was going to hear it, but I thought it might make him wake up jauntily and joyfully.  He opened the door several minutes later and it was only then I realized that I probably got this from my dad. It’s a genius idea.


9 thoughts on “I am my father’s daughter

  1. Waking up to music sounds delightful! It’s rare when I get up earlier than Matt now…but it sounds more peaceful than my technique…”hey are you awake..?” Clearly he isn’t!!!!! Happy Thursday!
    Love you!


  2. My dad would rub my back to wake me up when I was very little, then when I got older he would open my bedroom door and say “rise and shine!” in a very jolly way to make me want to get out of bed. I always thought if he can be this happy early in the morning, then so could I and that’s what got me out of bed and why I am a happy camper in the AM. Got to love our dads!


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