Mechanical Pencils

Did you ever pretend to give yourself injections with mechanical pencils? I sure did and while I suppose it carried with it some euphemism for paraphernalia, I just thought it was fun.

This morning, bright and early, I went to the doctor for my baseline US and it went really well! There was no mumbling over my vagina and no “hmmmm, let’s take another looks.” So, everything is cool, calm, and collected now. I started the heavy stuff tonight with way more than I’ve ever had. I am really hoping the higher dose will kickstart me. It’s the highest most places will do, so it would be great if my body would respond wonderfully. Because of the way it’s disbursed, I have to do two separate injections, so I’m up to three daily.

I will remember the side effects this time, hopefully, and I look forward to sweating profusely, intense breakouts and oil, constipation, and more headaches!! Since my head feels like it’s full of bricks anyway, I’m hoping it can’t get too much more intense. But, seriously, I’m very excited for the side effects because I feel as though it’s a sign that it’s working. I can also expect to be within 2 seconds of 40 emotions, which is really thrilling for both myself and those around me.

Another appointment on Friday for ultrasound and blood work. Hopefully, we can start to see many beautiful follicles growing and my estrogen starting to rise excessively. I’m elated to have a bit of positive news and feel good about this round.

Only time will tell!


Cheers & love.

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