Zs and Qs

I’m always drawn to words that start with uncommon letters of the alphabet like Qs & Zs and often feel like they’re more indicative of describing either me, or my feelings of the situation of that time. Perhaps it’s a weird self-fulfilling prophecy, who knows?

I’m often overzealous, zany, and quirky. I would like to think I’m somewhere in between a healthy amount of zeal and too much, but an unbiased opinion would probably lean toward too much.

The holidays were fun. We visited with our newest and favorite niece, Fiona, as well as J’s mom (my favorite MIL), and my sweet SIL and BIL. Fiona is at such a lovely age where she is so engaged by stimuli and learning constantly. Jenna and I also got the chance to see baby Charley and several of our good friends. Other than getting some weird 24 hour stomach bug on Christmas Eve and Christmas, we had a lovely time visiting.

Last weekend, for the New Year, we went to visit in Kansas City to see my parents and some of my closest friends. While J held down the fort with my parents the first evening, I went to dinner with Kelly and Bailey after visiting with sweet Elle. Elle looks more and more like her mother each time and is just so beautiful! She is such a joy and started crawling the day previously, so watching her carefully continue on her mobility journey was very special. We then went to dinner (Houlihans) and talked for several hours.

One of the things we talked about was how we handled spontaneous interactions with people from our pasts. While most people judge how close they were to a person or the amount of time that has passed since their last interaction, I’m impaired by my overzealous nature. It doesn’t matter if I met someone once, twenty years ago, when I see them, my mouth acts before my brain catches up. More often than not, I have to explain to people who I am and how we met on that snowy night 17 years ago. It can get awkward quickly, yet I really can’t stop. One thing that I frequently get made fun of for is the fact that I think I know everyone. Maybe I do, I just define “knowing” differently than the rest of the world. Sharing a grocery line can create impenetrable bonds, ya know?

Anyway, this zeal or zest for life is what drives me most days. I get excited for things easily and often get disappointed when they don’t turn out how I thought they should. Eliminating expectations is something that will always be a work in progress for me. I went to Catholic school for my entire schooling experience prior to college where we wore uniforms. On picture day in Grade School, we got to wear civvies (civilian clothes). I would get so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I was a biZarre little kid.

Baseline ultrasound tomorrow and hopefully starting stims! I stopped the BCPs on Wednesday, so hopefully my reproductive system feels calm and relaxed.

Cheers & love.

4 thoughts on “Zs and Qs

  1. “Oh I know her….” Annie about ANYONE!!!!!!!!

    But honestly I’m super guilty of it too when your not around!!!! Matt loves it…not!!!! Love you tho!!!

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