Day 45 and Nurse Johnson

Today marks the 45th consecutive day of injections and I’m regressing. I still do it in my stomach which is one of the reasons for the regression – maybe. I find it convenient to not have any assistance (upper arm) and not have to take off my pants (inner thigh), so lifting up my shirt is the compromise with myself.

I used to love pretending I was a nurse or doctor and prescribing myself medicine (in the form of sweet tarts) or different treatments (not dissimilar from confession). I’ve always had an overactive imagination, so I played the part of both the prescriber and prescribee (apparently that’s not a word). I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found myself doing this with my shots. I promise I’m not delusional, but it makes things a bit easier when you can make them fun. I’ve been talking myself through preparing the injection site and performing the injection. Perhaps the nurse in my head is new and that’s why she’s not very good at it…. The positive attitude helps blunt the impact of her incompetency. 😉

For the last 67 hours I’ve had the worst headache and can’t figure it out, so I’m going with a side effect, I guess? It sure makes things more difficult to do! Yesterday, I couldn’t really see out of one eye but that seems to have subsided today.

One week until Christmas! We’re going to spend it with my sweet niece. It’s one of my favorite days of the year but I’ve had a harder time getting excited about it. I’m really trying, though.


Cheers & love!

2 thoughts on “Day 45 and Nurse Johnson

  1. Annie…..a smile like..?! I’ll leave it at that and hope you were able to crack a laugh. I’m so sorry about the headaches, that sounds so painful. Hang in there sweet friend you are SO SO strong!!!!!

    “Nevertheless she persisted”


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