Every{BODY} is different

With every month that passes in this journey, I find out both more and less about my body. I learn more about the biology of reproduction and then also learn that each body is different and may not perform in the right way.

Mine is like a stubborn 14 year old girl who insists that putting foundation on your lips, showing your belly, and wearing white eyeshadow is really beautiful. I mean. It is. But just because I believe it doesn’t make it a popularly held opinion. So when I went into have my ultrasound, I was not surprised to hear murmurs of bad news. So far, it doesn’t seem like anyone looks in my vagina and gives me positive news, so the consistency is good.

After we examined each ovary, I got the pleasure of de-stirruping and talking to the doctor and nurse. Basically, my body was resisting the suppression injections. So, we talked about why the injections should work – most of infertility medication only works as a random side effect of a drug meant for another purpose – and talked about why they might not be working with me. No real intense scientific reason other than my body is resistant to new things. Anyway, I got my estrogen levels taken and awaited the call to see where we would go from here.

Later that day, they called me with my results – my estrogen was way too high to proceed with stims and go forward with a December egg retrieval. So, I’m doubling the suppression injections and starting on birth control again, as well. Ordered some more needles and meds and we are marching forward! So, hopefully, shooting for a January egg retrieval and transfer. ❤️

Cheers & love!

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