Though we can debate the history of Thanksgiving, the modern day adaptation which consists of family getting together and appreciating the lives we have is a wonderful tradition.

This year, though possibly my most challenging yet, has been full of things for which to give thanks. I have so many people in my life for whom I am thankful and who make every day just a little bit better. Maybe next year at this time, I’ll have one more addition to be thankful for, who knows! All I can do for now is be appreciative of all I’ve been given.

My sweet handsome nephew!The best brother and smartest person in the world (both things are referring to him).A wonderful family and parents who have truly embraced the transition into Grammy and Papa,Beautiful baby Charlotte and her mother for spending 39 (!!) hours in labor.My friend and someone who always challenges me to find the answer to the question “Why?”My honorary nephew and my favorite person to scream with. My glorious niece Fiona and her sweet mama and daddy!Sir Gnome ArloSnow White!Friendship that doesn’t age.Support from people I would love to work with due to their competency even if they weren’t good souls. This guy. Pre-egg retrieval last time. Here’s hoping we have two more selfies with me in a gown (egg retrieval and transfer) soon!

Just another sweet addition to the next generation of humans!

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