Day 15

Day 15 of injections.

On day 5, I realized that the obscene headaches I was having were yet again from the injections, not the lack of caffeine. I attempted to quit caffeine in order to relax my eggs, but I added some back in before I remembered the headaches were from the medicine.

On day 7, I started having the craziest dreams I’ve ever had – all bizarre, some bad and some good. They’re so vivid that I wake up and have to go through the last thing that happened before I went to sleep in order to reorient myself to the week.

In the most recent dream, I had started a daycare for my work and had to start having all of my ultrasounds at the daycare. The ultrasound wands were super advanced and glitter indicated parts of my reprosys (I’m coming up with new abbrevs) that were unusable. It was beautiful, entertaining for the kids, and incredibly worrisome. Anyway, also concerning was that I was a science lesson for the children.

So, I feel like maybe the hormones and vitamins are doing…something.

I had a call yesterday to go over everything going forward:

  • Medicine: I have baby aspirin left, a douche for pre-egg retrieval, and some vaginal suppositories. So, I need all new stimulating injectables plus some other various things. The daily injection I’m on now I will continue throughout adding other medicine.
  • I have an appointment on 11/27 to check out the situation downstairs and to start my stims.
  • I’ll be on slightly different/increased medicine. As coupled with all other hormones I’ve started, it should be a really interesting unstable ride. I ask for your understanding in advance.

Tentatively scheduled egg retrieval for 12/8.

In actuality, I anticipate an egg retrieval on 12/11 to have a few more days to respond to the medication.  As it was before, we would strive for a transfer 5 days after the retrieval (assuming I get eggs that are able to be fertilized and my fertilized babies keep growing) which would be that next Saturday.

I think I’m going to branch out with the location of where I’m giving myself injections! I’ve always used my stomach because it’s so easy for me, but with the increase in quantity, I’m starting to look questionable much earlier.  I’ll keep you all updated.

For now, I’ve put up the Christmas tree in the house and am trying to focus good energy on this.


2 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Not sure how I missed the new posts. I love knowing what is going on. I will be praying everyday for you and Justin. Ok, mostly for your eggs 🙂 Love you.


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