The art of waiting (and what to expect when you aren’t expecting)

I’ve not ever really found an effective strategy to deal with waiting and anticipation but to stay busy. As irony has it, I decided to turn down an opportunity to visit with family this weekend so I could “relax.” So, next time this happens, I invite everyone to remind me that taskless solitude isn’t relaxing. So, I’m at home, trying to fill the hours before receiving a call that determines my family’s immediate future.

I’m waiting to go into work until I send J off to his work to study for his big test on Wednesday, so I’m writing to you from the bathtub. Probably the worst location for a person such as myself. I think I’m going to get a dry erase board for it. That way, I could more effectively categorize my thoughts whilst soaking. As soon as I filled up the tub, I realized the bath was a terrible idea, but couldn’t handle wasting the water. So here I am, writing to you all!

I don’t know at what point I can start calling, but I feel certain I’m unlikely to make it another hour.  I hope my two babes are still growing strong and will be ready to go into their new home on Monday. At this point, I have to do vaginal progesterone suppositories thrice daily which is fine. After iui #3, I did this as well, but it was quite different. Those were little round cream filled beads that you just inserted manually and hoped for the best. Then, you would be abound with pink discharge for the duration of the pills. These are bigger, and more of an aspirin consistency. They’re inserted with an applicator, similar to a tampon and seem to be a little less dangerous to my laundry.  I know you guys have been wondering about different progesterone inserts, so I’m glad I can help with this. 

Cheers & love.

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