The egg came first

The moment everyone has been waiting for: A full recapitulation of the douching experience last night.  Just kidding. That was uneventful and only 65% weird and awkward.

Fast forward to this morning: I woke up bright and early this AM to shower and get ready for my egg retrieval.  By that, I mean I slept a solid 30 minutes last night and waited until it was appropriate to start standing around, pacing.  We went to the doctor’s office and waited 3 minutes until they brought us back.  I got in a hospital gown, but could leave my socks on, so that was nice.  The anesthesiologist then came in to talk with me about what she was going to do, with her husband (the other anesthesiologist) to put me out. Since it’s so short (20 minutes or so), it’s different than any other time I’ve been out, but the drugs are similar. They kept telling me it would be the best power nap I’ve ever had. So, I gave J a kiss and they took me into the other, sterile room. I talked to the two anesthesiologists regarding the opioid crisis for a while; one of them currently serves as an advisor for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, so it was very interesting to discuss. My heart rate and blood pressure were both high, but, I get super freaked out, so I think it was fine.

Then, I got in position. There was another blue tarp (see previous entries) and I had to put my legs aggressively up in the air in these leather leg cuffs. It was quite…intrusive.  That’s really all I remember until they said my name as I was waking up.  They told me immediately after I asked that they were able to harvest three eggs. That being said, they didn’t know if they were all “alive” and able to be fertilized.  They advised that I should lay there for a bit and relax so they could let me know how many could be fertilized.  After my incessant questioning of J’s ejaculatory status, they told me that he would be in shortly and said it really went well (men really have the easy job in all this).

They came back shortly after with the results – I have two mature eggs that can be fertilized.  They also found another large cyst, one that they have seeing on the ultrasounds. They tried to drain it, but the fluid was too viscous to drain much.  So, they advised that I should watch it after this agitation to make sure that it does not get infected. Tomorrow, I will find out how many of my eggs were fertilized into sweet, future babies.  Hoping a solid two for two so I can have an both sweet embryos transferred early next week. We will NOT elect for genetic testing on these embryos due to the quantity.  Had we been able to create more embryos, we would obviously want to implant the most viable, but at this point, we will implant both.

There’s some concern about implantation with the endometriosis and the cyst, but it doesn’t look like there would be an advantage of doing a frozen embryo transfer at a later date as opposed to a freshie.  I am getting a little bit ahead of myself because I do not yet know if I have any embryos.  I’ve started on progesterone vaginal inserts and some other medication to hopefully help improve my chances and give my baby a nice home. The bloat, post-retrieval, is NO JOKE! I can’t suck in my stomach at all and it’s quite uncomfortable.  So. I will update you all tomorrow with hopefully amazing news.


Cheers & Love

One thought on “The egg came first

  1. Why do I have tears in my eyes?? I can’t claim any part in this – except loving you and hoping you get these babies.

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