Harvest Time

So, I’m 12 hours away and all I can think of are farming songs.  One of my favorite things to do is make mixes (tapes, CDs, and most recently, playlists) and I always try to make mixes for times when I will have spare time to listen to music. I’m super obsessed with Apple Music and their automated playlists, as well. They just added a new one, so now I get a “My Favorites Mix,” “My Chill Mix,” and “My New Music.”  The Favorites list is pretty crazy most of the time – it’s generally a mix of songs I haven’t heard in forever, but truly are my favorites.  Sometimes they miss the mark, but it’s rare.

Anyway, I’ve made a harvesting playlist, starting with Luke Bryan’s “Harvest Time.” It gets weirder and less relevant from there, but that’s life.  I did just pause this blog because I got some GREAT news (not my own) that I’m not allowed to share on the blogosphere yet, but, that’s awesome and I’m so thankful for the news that you all don’t know. 😉 

Tonight starts a weird process.  I have to do a douche before bedtime to, I guess, prepare my vagina, so that will be awesome.  Someone requested a full recap, so I suggest you skip the next blog if that someone was not you.

Fingers, toes, hair, and all body parts crossed for tomorrow.  Everyone keeps telling me they’ve had premonitions that technology has failed me this entire time and I will get 100s of eggs, but in the [un]likely event that’s not true, I’m hoping for three mature, super-sized eggs, ready to be fertilized.  Update will come, good or bad, tomorrow.


Cheers & love.

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