Three, Two, One

The reason they want to have at least three follicles is because it functions as a pyramid. If I have three follicles, they expect to get two eggs, which will likely result in one embryo. Obviously, that’s why they want to try to get as many follicles as possible so that we can have as many chances for viable embryos.

This morning, another one of my follicles was shown to stop growing, leaving me with a total of three. They called in someone to test my estrogen and progesterone to determine if the blood work confirms that the medicine is still preventing ovulation and not risking the over maturation of my possible future babies. I will get my results in the next couple hours. They seemed to indicate that we are waiting on timing, rather than a confirmation (provided my blood doesn’t show anything crazy). So, that means, we will plan on either a Tuesday or Wednesday retrieval. I am beyond thankful for this news! It might not be the 20 follicles that other people have, but this may be my normal.

J was able to come with me this morning which was really nice. The retrieval only needs him for his specimen, so as long as I can get a ride home (I’ll be under anesthesia), it shouldn’t interfere with his work schedule. Fingers crossed that we get embryo(s) that are viable. 

Cheers & Love.

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