On to the next step!

I just got my blood results back. My estrogen is still rising, almost 700 now and my progesterone is staying low! So, I AM SCHEDULED FOR AN EGG RETRIEVAL ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!! And, I’m scared shitless.

So, tonight, I do my 2 last stimming shots, including a duplicate of the one I did last night.  This past week, I sat down to look at the itemized receipts for my medication and I thought to myself that the Menopur was so cheap! I got 12 vials for the cost of 4 doses of my previous injection.  Then, last night, I called M to help me mix the drugs, per her instructions.  Well, I was in for quite a shock when she said, get out 6 vials and have them ready. Definitely not a “cheap” option. Anyway, it required using the same 150 ccs of fluid and injecting it into each of the powder vials, then redrawing out the liquid and repeating until a concentrated solution was reached.  Quite the experience and I get to do it again tonight!

Tomorrow starts more, interesting, specific instructions. I have to take my HCG shot (to induce ovulation) at 8:00 PM exactly (36 hours before retrieval). I start a new antibiotic on Tuesday and take one every 12 hours.  On Tuesday evening, I have to do a Betadine douche which seems like it will be thrilling, then after 10:00 PM, no more eating or drinking.  I get to the Dr.’s office at 6:30 AM on Wednesday morning and should be done by 8:30-9:00 AM.  Justin will give his sample during or post retrieval and they will employ the use of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) to inject sperm into my eggs and create our future babies.  Before the technology of ICSI, they put the sperm and the egg together and hoped for the best. I will know immediately after retrieval how many eggs they get – I’m hoping all three follicles produce eggs and even if I don’t have the most, maybe I can have the best. That being said, all it takes is one.

So now, I’m more anxious, terrified, elated, and excited than ever. J’s been studying all weekend for his impending test, so I’ve been keeping busy so I don’t completely lose my sanity.  I cleaned the garage, installed a new mailbox, replaced our washer and dryer, and am about to go mow the yard (I think).   As one of my friend’s texted me yesterday, the relevance of time to what you’re feeling at the time is crazy.  Though there are the same amount of hours in each day, some days feel like minutes and others feel like an eternity.

I am so thankful for the words and thoughts that you all have put forth toward my reproductive “journey” and would appreciate some more, if you can manage it.

Cheers & Love.


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