Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

After my mistake of a shot, my stomach started bruising immediately. For those of you who know me, you know that I bruise super easily and intensely, so above my belly button is now black and blue.  Anyway, the doctor’s appointment went well (she says hesitantly…).  Both the doctor and the nurse look at this ultrasound as it is the ultrasound that determines whether or not we should proceed further.

So. I have four follicles that are still maturing that are currently at 15MM (one might be 16MM).  It’s not great (about a quarter of what the average is for women my age with a normal egg supply – which I supposedly have), but I guess it’s great for me! It was more than I can say for last time which means that my body is at least responding to the increases in medication and stimuli.  After examining the ultrasound, I got my blood taken to confirm that my estrogen was rising still and my progesterone was staying relatively low.  M and Dr. W advised that I would hear from them later. If the news was positive, they would schedule me for another scan on Sunday, then a retrieval (if Sunday goes well) on Tuesday!!

Anxiously awaiting the news, I went to work and proceeded on with my normal routine. Around three, I got the call.  My estrogen is still rising (though not significantly) and is at 418.  That means, I go in on Sunday morning for another ultrasound, then hopefully (!!!!!!) am scheduled for an egg retrieval on Tuesday.  I am now in this weird limbo phase where I’m trying not to get super excited, but it’s very, very hard.  In the meantime, guess what I get to do?!!? More shots! So, tonight, I took the last of my shot that I am most used to. Tomorrow evening, I call M to help me through mixing a new shot and then will do one other shot that I have added in. The new shot will have both FSH and LH in it, so it will help my baby eggs reach maturity in the right time frame.  I assume it will be accompanied by complete mental stability, as the rest of these have been. 😉  Anyway, I believe it will be simple, but anything that makes me feel like I’m doing a science experiment is a plus in my book, so I’m excited.

I appreciate all your kind thoughts and would really, really, really appreciate any additional positive energy you have as I cheer on my body through Sunday. I got too excited that I forgot to take pictures of my follicles. They still don’t look like “honeycombs,” as they should, but they’re mine and they exist, so fingers crossed.

Also, per usual, even though J has started a new job in Columbia, the Tuesday egg retrieval that is tentatively scheduled could NOT come at a worse time for him. So. I’ll be looking forward to the time when my body can stop being so damn inconvenient.

Cheers & love.


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