Fantastical follicle foibles

I feel like I’m cheering for some weird team called the follicles. I’ve started talking to my ovaries, encouraging them as though it helps. I suppose I talk to any baby in utero that I can, so this isn’t much different.  Anyway, this morning, bright and early, I had an appointment.  It was interesting being the first one at the doctor’s office because I got to see many people come in and watch different morning routines.  I love watching the way people interact with one another in the morning and trying to spot ritualistic behavior.

Another weird thing I don’t think I’ve covered before is that you have to empty your bladder before the ultrasounds. I suppose those of you who have had children know this (or maybe they don’t make you do it when you’re pregnant??), but it’s so that your bladder isn’t accidentally mistaken for one of my various pieces of female anatomy, maybe. So, recently, I’ve had the foresight (or arrived early enough) to pee prior to being taken back. I feel like this is the most respectful way to do it, but it’s only the past two times that I’ve remembered.  

So, today, she took my blood first thing, then we went back to the exam room.  She looked and looked. Then, she looked some more as she contorted the ultrasound wand throughout my vagina.  It’s not super comfortable due to the positioning of my uterus/ovaries, but it’s always kind of interesting to watch and see the different parts of my body.

I always try to anticipate the news prior to it being given, but I’m not great at it. So, I have 2 follicles on one side, 3 on another that are all within 10-11 mm. Good news: they exist. Bad news: there are very few and they are very small. She called later with the results of my blood. I’m at a 260 now which is much improved over Friday, at least! 

I’m out of one medicine, so we had to order more on a rush, then I add another injection tomorrow. I go back on Friday to see how my babies are performing. See below for current situation.

So, it should look like a honeycomb. A good example prior to harvesting looks like the below. I’m not there yet. Hopefully, additional meds and time will make Friday’s appointment more successful.

Cheers & love!

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