How could this be some people’s baseline?

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check my estrogen (estradiol) levels and to check out the situation in my ovaries. The appointment was fairly positive, I thought. She said everything was very small still, but it looked like it was going. I felt encouraged and collected more medicine. She advised she would call later with my blood results to see if we would decrease or otherwise alter meds. I left work a bit early today; J and I are attending a concert with his old boss and his wife.

Naturally, when I hadn’t received a call by 3:30, I followed up. I was told to settle down and they would call me before 5. (No, not really, but the message was the same.) Anyway, I just got the call. Not great news, the estrogen is still very low – 48. Disappointing. So, anything under 60 is a baseline for most people. I’ve been on stims for 5 days at this point. I’ve always known (for the past two years) that I have low estrogen, but the last time that I got this far, my estrogen was significantly higher. Peak levels for retrieval depend, but 2500 would be great. So, I have a long way to go. Hopefully, this weekend my body will respond more to the meds and I can get this up!! Anyway, I applaud those of you who have baselines at 60. I feel confident I would be a MUCH different person (though, maybe able to conceive easier) if that were the case for me.

So. Cheers to more meds and hopefully more estrogen! I get to see my niece tonight and tomorrow, so that will be lovely.


Cheers & Love.

Edit: here are some pictures.

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