When you feel brave….

Today, one of my favorite 5 year olds started kindergarten. He might be my 1/6th age soul mate. We read together, he asks a ton of questions (all of which I’m so happy to answer), and calls the bathroom the whiz palace (thanks to yours truly). 

To celebrate, we went to eat at his choice of restaurant. He called me to ask if I had a preference then wouldn’t tell me where we were eating, instead letting me be surprised when I arrived (this may be the only time I’m okay with surprises).  One of the conditions is that he can use my phone to play games. In between games, he will give me tidbits about kindergarten and his day.  So, since he’s fascinated with everything, I asked if he wanted to help with my shot tonight. He was ecstatic at first and was really looking forward to it. Then he saw the needle and tears started welling in his eyes. I told him that it was okay and all he had to do was push the medicine in, I would do all the needle parts. So, he pushed it in (and had fun).

He said that he would probably be best friends with my future daughter or son, so that’s enough to make my tears flow rampantly. 

Anyway, it was kind of cool to feel brave for a moment.

In other updates: emotions haven’t subsided and headaches are still there. My appointment is tomorrow at 9:00 AM and I am SO excited/anxious. I really feel good about this so far, so I hope that continues.

Cheers & love. 

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