Signs vs. Science

“Belief makes things real.” It’s why faith exists, it is why people are able to gather around a central idea and bond.  It’s a line from a song I really like. Most infertility blogs have a common theme relating to faith through religion. As you can see from mine thus far, that’s not a rampant thread.  I would not really like my statements on that to reflect my beliefs, I have chosen keep that part of myself out of this.

Defined as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something,” faith is something that is a very interesting concept.  It’s based on a belief that is so unabashedly firm and one that withstands even the greatest doubt. It’s something I have always admired when I see it in others.  Faith is something that is so powerful, that can be used for good or evil and I find it extremely interesting to see how people wield it.

So, unlike a college paper, I led with my thoughts. Much like a song, I’m getting to the name of the blog in the middle of my prose. There have been so many times recently when I have thought about signs, either of my own volition or someone close to me. Are you ready?! (Yes, of course that’s hypothetical. I suppose if you aren’t ready, please stop reading.)

  • I had/am having the heaviest period of my life.
  • These meds are making me crazy after two.5 days.
  • I’ve come to terms with being “unrelaxed” during this process.

So, are the above signs that this is going to work this time? Has my period indicated that I’ve flushed all the bad shit out and I’m ready to go? Because the meds are making me insane, does that indicate that they are working? Since I’ve accepted that I’m a crazy person and I’m never going to be completely calm (about anything, including watching a movie), will my body agree and get acclimated super quick?

No. There are no signs. I’m attempting a scientific procedure that will either work or it won’t. But, it won’t be because of anything I (or anyone I know) look for as signs.

OR. Is it a sign that science and signs have the same first phonetic syllable….


Cheers & Love

ALSO: Why didn’t anyone remind me of the headaches that the meds give me? They’re the worst.

2 thoughts on “Signs vs. Science

  1. I didnt have the headaches but I had more than my fair share of the crazy taking all those meds. I was like the little girl in the exorcist sometimes.

    I completely agree that it either will work or it wont work, but having a little faith in the signs is never a bad thing either. I think a little faith and hope go a long way. I am cheering/hoping/have faith for you!


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