Day 2 after effects

I did my second shot last night after an already challenging day. These shots don’t really hurt but it is proving to be a challenge to do it one-handed with my abnormally small hands. Since you dial up the dose, the end sticks out further when you are giving yourself more meds. So, what I used to be able to do one-handed kind of requires 2. That being said, I also have to squeeze the skin/fat around the injection site, so it’s proving to be quite the act. 

So today is Day 3. Both of this whole 30 and of my shots. So far, I’ve spent the hour from 4:30 to 5:30am crying. Suffice it to say, I think the increase in hormones are affecting me much greater than they did last time. That, or I’m falling victim to a wicked placebo effect. For my sanity, I’m going with the hormones.

Looking forward to Friday to see how my little eggs are hopefully growing and maturing. 

Cheers & love!

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