First day of the rest of my life (and yours)

One of the things that I’m sure people with whom I work get tired of hearing is that every second, we have the opportunity to have the best 24 hours of our entire life.  Will it happen? I don’t know, but the possibility that we are allowed by living another day is exciting. Understanding that helps me to {try} to make the most of each day. That being said, it’s easier said than done.

Today, I went to see M for my baseline ultrasound of this cycle. I’ve not gotten the hang of taking pictures whilst being wanded, but I am trying to document this a bit more.


After disrobing, I waited patiently to hear about my ovaries and to hopefully have a very calm, tranquil uterus. The ultrasound showed that things looked good, for the most part, but there was one cyst that they wanted to make sure was “old and junky” as opposed to hormone producing.  Thankfully, the blood work showed that it was not hormone producing and I’m ready to go!  So, I got all my new meds and scheduled an appointment for Friday for blood work and another ultrasound (to check on how my body is reacting). So, the meds this time are about double what I’ve experienced previously and will likely be a different combination toward the end (assuming my body cooperates).  I just finished doing my first shot and I’m just so nervous! I’m the worst with waiting and anticipating uncertainty, so this is definitely a learning experience. I’ve recently passed the time by searching #ivfsuccess on Instagram and getting real deep with my stranger stalking. I’m very hopeful, but terrified of failure.

I also started a Whole30ish type thing today (www.whole30.com).  I did Whole30 last summer with my last failed IUI. That one, I did with no exceptions and it was great! This one, I intend on doing fairly strictly, but I can’t promise I won’t have A glass of wine depending on how this month goes.  Among the things that the doctor tells you to do to help your stress subside are: alleviate stress in other areas of your life (not really doable), acupuncture (costs money when we’re trying to save), massage (see last comment), and a glass of wine or two (I have very little standards when it comes to wine, so this is just a $5 committment) when you want.  So, I’m going to give it my all, but I’m playing a bit looser with the Whole30 rules this time around.  Anyway, I’ve planned for several new recipes that I’m pumped to try. Tonight, I made buffalo chicken meatballs with garlic-dill cauliflower “rice” and brussel sprouts.

Below are a couple pictures of my three IVF schedules for my “attempts” so far – obviously, I haven’t gotten even to the egg retrieval yet, so maybe the third time’s the charm and the obligatory meds picture.

One comment that I wanted to make is that this is definitely not a secret. For the people that currently read this (mostly family, but anyone else, too), feel free to share it with other people – that will not bother me. So, in case you needed explicit permission, you have it!img_6548img_6547

I would appreciate any positive thoughts and vibes that you all would be willing to share with me!

Cheers & Love.

2 thoughts on “First day of the rest of my life (and yours)

  1. Sweet Annie, you have all the positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers I can possibly send your way! Love you!!

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