Preventable crazy. 

So. For those of you who know me (almost all of you), you know that I’m controlled, controlling, and “curious” (incredibly invasive). I tend to be aware of most of the reactions that my actions have and am rarely surprised (I really don’t like surprises, as a side note).

When you start taking HCG injections to induce ovulation, one of the things that they tell you is that you need to wait to take a pregnancy test because you will get a false positive since you produce HCG when you’re pregnant. So, I looked up the half life to determine when the injection would be fully removed from my system. Then, I calculated each day and what would still be in my bloodstream. So, this last cycle, I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but couldn’t help but wonder what a positive pregnancy test would feel like. So, I took a test – knowing well and good that any result would be tainted by the HCG in my system. Note to anyone who might want to do this: DON’T.

But, I saw it and for a split second, I felt what it might feel like to achieve that result. Preventable crazy. 

Without the rain, you can’t appreciate the sun.



Cheers & love.

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