Lightning bugs and the oxford comma

For those of you who read only for conception updates, skip this entry (all 6 of my readers exit…).

So, as I mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma and I came across this article tonight: https://thewritelife.com/is-the-oxford-comma-necessary/

Anyway, mom, at the very least, you will appreciate this!

Tonight, I saw two lightning bugs mate and I videotaped it for 4 minutes. It was crazy. They join at the butt (or light or something) and ride along together. The female literally walks backwards as the male controls whatever weird journey they’re on. I’ve never seen mating be so hilariously succinct and ritualistic. I suggest you try to find this and examine it. Alternatively, I’ve got a 4 minute long lightning bug porn if anyone is interested. 

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