I got my first Eminem cd when I was 11 years old. Before that, the only rap I listened to was Tupac. My {musical} life changed the day I got that album. Much like my current self, I thought to truly understand someone/something, you have to know everything you possibly can. So, Em’s (we’re tight, so I can call him that) mentor was Dr. Dre. In order to be sure that you’re a true fan, you have to go six mentors deep, so I immediately started my research on Dre, as well. 

That’s when I discovered NWA. It was a day in April (before my boyfriend’s birthday April 30) and I was blown away, both by NWA and its members (Eazy-E (may he Rest In Peace), Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre being the most notable). NWA was an interesting, envelope-pushing group that was well ahead of the times in regards to much of their subject manner. Those who don’t know NWA are likely to still have heard “Fuck the Police,” or at the very least to be familiar with it. It’s something that has recently become relevant again with the various police brutality cases that have virally spread through our country. 

Anyway, FTP is a phrase that came to me this month for a different reason – fuck the period! The disappointment gets worse every single month, even when I should know better. My little hope demon gets the best of me every time. 

Anyway, here we go again. More meds will lead to more success (hopefully).

Cheers and love! Xxo 

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