It only takes one?

Well, I had my second appointment with a blood draw and ultrasound yesterday to revisit my body’s progress in responding to the stims. It was not super positive. She stated that they have “standards” for IVF and you have to have at least three mature follicles for them to even attempt the harvest. I have four, none of which are mature, at the moment. So, more meds and a recheck on Thursday.

The person who I told this asked if we would still go forward with the retrieval if only three were mature and if we had a choice. Yes, we always have a choice, and yes, I think we would go forward.  The medication for each round is $4,200 or so, so that would be a loss if we decided not to proceed. That being said, we would save more than that if we elected not to proceed, but since it only takes one….we would continue on.  That being said, if we only were able to create 2-3 embryos, we would likely NOT genetic test them and have them implanted regardless.

Anyway, it was a really disappointing appointment, but I guess we just hope for the best and continue on. It doesn’t help that I’m definitely feeling the side effects from the meds now. My estrogen levels have tripled.5 in the past four days and the headaches have yet to subside. So, I feel crazy, have some headaches, am exhausted, puffy, and a couple other things that aren’t really for public consumption. Also, my stomach looks crazy, I have tiny bruises surrounding my belly button like a 1999 sun tattoo. But, I assume this is nothing compared to pregnancy, so please note that I’m not complaining, I’m just keeping a log of my feelings.

So, keep thinking positive thoughts (if you want) that Thursday’s appointment goes better. I’m having trouble keeping a positive outlook, but continue to remind myself that I’m healthy and fortunate.

Cheers & Love.


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