Harvest Update

Today was my first appointment to see how my body is responding to “stims.” I was unaware of how much slang there is in this IVF bullshit, but I’m learning quickly. I’m thinking of making a cheat sheet and putting it on all of their counters so that new patients can feel hip to the lingo more quickly. 

My next acronym I’ll get to use is PUPO! So, I’ve said this aloud and I think it’s awful, but I don’t want to be ostracized by the community. Anyway, PUPO means “pregnant until proven otherwise” and it’s what most people who go through IVF consider themselves after the embryo transfer.
So, today, I had an ultrasound and blood work done. The ultrasound was to look at my eggs and how they’re developing. It didn’t sound extremely positive, but there were at least more than 1! She said that we obviously needed to keep going as they’re not ripe yet. After getting the results of my blood work, she called me and gave me new instructions. I continue on the follistim, but also add Ganirelix to make sure that I keep creating and maturing eggs without ovulating. So, follitism in the PM, Ganirelix starts on Sunday in the AM. I go back on Monday for more blood work and another ultrasound. It’s funny because today when they asked for the money for the appointment, I thought to myself: hmm, that’s not bad. That’s how they get you. They make you pay a lot up front so you think the remainder is not a big deal. It’s like telling your parents you’re pregnant at 15 (yeah, I see the irony) when really you just failed a test. A shock followed by relief when the real news is delivered. 

Anyway, I feel fine. I’ve had some headaches and my stomach is puffier than normal, not swollen, but something is different. 

We’re driving to STL tonight to prepare for Jenna’s baby shower tomorrow. Lots of work to still be done to prepare! But, check out this bitchin’ diaper cake!

Cheers & love! Xxo

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