Shots, shots, shots!

Today marks day 2 of administering shots to myself! 

It’s fairly easy and allows me to live out the fantasy of being a doctor without the student loan debt of medical school. So far, things have gone well and I haven’t slipped and stabbed J or anything like that. Also, this medication is in a cute little pen which makes it that much more exciting.

The steps are as follows:

  • Prepare injection site (clean with alcohol pad)
  • Clean area into which needle attaches.
  • Screw needle onto pen.
  • Remove needle caps.
  • Dial up dosage to 300 by twisting the top.
  • Pinch skin.
  • Stab yourself.
  • Push in medication.
  • Count to 5 and remove.

On Friday, I go back to learn about what injection I’m adding next. So far, two days in, I feel fine… I think. I just caught two minutes of a Fast and Furious movie and cried, but that might be normal anyway. See below for pics of the contents of the white bag and the pen!

Cheers & love!

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