Washington D.C. Is for lovers

J and I went to D.C. last weekend to see Kelly and Matt get married. We arrived late Thursday night after quite possibly the worst flight I’ve ever had. There were intense storms across the country and then we had to circle D.C. due to air traffic for an hour. I took that time to make terrible, not funny jokes. J was less than thrilled.

Before the rehearsal on Friday morning, we went to Baba, a new breakfast place. Restaurants  are one of my favorite things about traveling, both for the food and the atmosphere and Kelly is the best partner to try new things with. We have a tendency to overcommit to the experience and often end up with way more food than we could ever eat. Ever since we could drive ourselves (so, for 14 years, I suppose), we would pretend we were restaurant critics and try to get restaurants to believe us and comp our meal. We didn’t usually win at that game, but it was fun! Anyway, the rehearsal went fine and we proceeded to fill the day with various activities.

That evening, we ate dinner at City Tap downtown with everyone. Kelly and I went back to the hotel and enjoyed her last night as a single woman (that sounds somewhat creepy– it wasn’t). The next morning, it was up at 6 for hair and makeup. The woman’s name was Felicia, so Friday jokes were prevalent.

The ceremony was beautiful and fun. We then traveled in a limo around D.C. Taking pictures prior to having the reception at the Old Ebbit Grill. It was quite the fun time. See below for some pictures. There were several people who thought we were celebrities….

One thought on “Washington D.C. Is for lovers

  1. What a wonderful time sis! Thank you so much for being a part of! I think Houston’s believed us! Miss you already!


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