Another episode of “huh, that’s weird”

“Huh, that’s weird.”

Exactly what you want to hear when someone is swirling an ultrasound wand around your vagina. But, I’ve become slightly used to it. Today was my appointment for a baseline ultrasound and to pick up all my drugs (and learn how to administer them). It was also another time when I got to raise my debit card limit for the day. Super cool. 
Anyway, the whole purpose of the birth control is to calm everything down so that you don’t ovulate naturally and they can stimulate, with a shit ton of drugs, your ovaries on a schedule. So, there should be no large follicles that develop for this ultrasound, but maybe many baby ones. Well, I had two that were bigger than the dominant ones in my most recent two IUI cycles which is thrilling. So, to see if these were “active,” thus going to delay the process, I had lots of blood drawn. 

Then, we went into a room to make some choices, sign consent forms, and learn how to shoot up the new drugs. I was greeted by the largest bag of medicine I’ve ever seen – a 3×2 foot white paper bag. It’s fairly comical.

So, the choices. We had to decide how many eggs we would attempt to fertilize, how many embryos we wanted to implant, and how the embryos would be treated after. We elected to fertilize all eggs, have two embryos implanted, and to freeze the rest for the time being. We then went over the first drug that I [hopefully] start Sunday. I took notes like a crazy person, so I think I’ll be capable. These first shots can be given in the stomach, upper thigh, or the back of the arm. Since I’ll be doing them myself, I’ll go for either tummy or thigh – both have plenty of padding. I go back on Friday to learn about my next medicine and to see how my eggs are looking. I’m hoping for a bountiful harvest.

I got the call late in the P.M. that the levels were low, so we will be starting Sunday as I was hoping. So. Lots of crazy emotions I’m sure for the next 14 days while I’m on a lot of funny drugs, prior to harvest time. This weekend is my last hurrah (HOPEFULLY), as J and I are headed to Vegas tomorrow for Kelly and Matt’s bachelor/bachelorette parties and one-week vow renewal. 

Next week marks my thirtieth birthday and the continuation of this “journey.” The last directive I was given today was to “relax and destress.” 😂


Cheers & love.

3 thoughts on “Another episode of “huh, that’s weird”

  1. Hormones make you crazy! I’m sorry you’ll be awash in them. We love you, Annie, and appreciate the updates. Your voice really comes through in the blog format. Ps. I was doing Subway foot-long calculations when you described the large white bag… CC & JJ


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