Here we go!


I picked up my birth control today! It feel so surreal that this is how the process starts.  I talked to the doctor’s office yesterday to go over the process. My first concern was that I didn’t want to travel with injectible medication to either DC or Vegas and I let them know that. We’ve waited a while, so one more month will be fine with me if I can avoid that. They assuaged my concerns and let me know that, likely injections would start on 5/28 (the day I get back from Vegas).

So, a brief timeline is as follows:

This Thursday, I go for a mock embryo transfer – they size the catheter, make sure I’m good to go, etc. Normally, this would be accompanied by a hysteroscopy, but since I had that done in February, that will suffice. I will take birth control (only active pills, so hopefully no periods after this one for 10 months!!!!) until they tell me not to, then I start to move on to the other medication.

**For whatever reason, I never finished this post, so I’m posting it incompletely now and will update everything else in the subsequent post.**

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