The Blue Tarp….and other new things.

It seems like when I read about other people’s experiences with IVF, the process tends to move slowly. Maybe it’s just because reading about things and anticipating updates is different than actually being in the situation. Anyway, I went in on Thursday for a “mock embryo transfer.” I think I’m a fairly prepared person, but I swear there isn’t an appointment I’ve really felt prepared for thus far – this was no exception.

I get there and they tell me to get undressed from the waist down, but this time I need to sit on this blue tarp-y thing with a pocket at the bottom. As I’m looking at it, the nurse goes “Well, what goes in must come out and this makes clean-up easier.”  Makes sense, but still, odd and funny. So, after I’ve hiked up my dress, the nurse and doctor come back in.  The doctor explained that at the time of actual embryo transfer, it’s imperative that they get the embryo(s) from the lab into my uterus in under 20 seconds, so it’s good to practice. They insert a catheter inside a catheter inside a catheter to guide the lil’ embryo up there.  My cervix always seems to be problematic in inserting catheters, so the goal was to study it a little more and make sure that they could do it quickly.  There was some poking and prodding (science experiment style) then the words “Four plus four, resistance at six, my ten o’clock.”  The nurse then assured me that I didn’t need to remember it.  Well, I did, and now I’m trying to decipher the code like it’s some key to a treasure.  So far, I’ve not been able to find the decryption key. Anyway, after the catheter was in, they started pushing a crap ton of saltwater into my uterus.  It was quite interesting to see my uterus expand on the ultrasound machine.  The goal of this was to figure out if my uterine lining was smooth, if there were certain places to which an embryo might not implant correctly, etc.  Overall, it looked okay, so I was allowed to resume a normal position, sitting up, legs together to discuss the next steps.

So, they wanted to see me on May 26th, but I will be in Vegas engaging in questionably healthy decisions for my best friend’s wedding, part dos. On May 24, J & I both need to go in to go over consent forms and for me to have yet another ultrasound.  We will both start on antibiotics that day, as well. On May 28 (Sunday), I get to (if I make it sound like a privilege, maybe it will be more exciting) start injecting myself with Follitstim (a stimulating hormone to help several eggs to get going).  Several days after that, I will also add Ganirelix to the mix which will allow those eggs enough time to mature.  Then, at some point, after many more ultrasounds, we will induce ovulation with a different injection and then get them eggs out.  The egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for 6/9, but it will depend on how everything looks.  J has to be out of town for the week that I start injections, so it sounds like I’ll be baptized by fire with sticking myself repeatedly.

Three to five days after the egg retrieval will be the embryo transfer, hopefully.  Then, ten days after that is when I should be able to see if the little nugget implanted.  Anyway, time moves fast and this does, too.  We emptied our savings account which is probably the “realest” thing as of yet, in a journey of hypotheticals. I told some of my friends, the way in which they ask for money is so casual.  One of my friends told me that they are probably reminded to give challenging news immediately and with confidence (something I remind her with her job). It’s an extremely nerve wracking process and it continues to be a strain on my emotional stability. I feel like I achieved a stage of hormonal stasis at the ripe age of 27 and these added hormones are seriously messing with it. 😉

Anyway, I’ve got a really exciting next couple of weeks. I go to Washington, D.C. to see my best friend get married, then I go to Vegas to see her get married again (and have a bachelorette party), then I get to celebrate my sister-in-law’s baby at her baby shower!

Time to get organized and ready.


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