Popular things…and how they become popular.

So, most of the people who read this are my family which means that they do not share the same musical tastes as myself. That being said, my musical taste is eclectic and borderline “decent” at best (terrible at worst).  I do try to stay abreast of the top 10 albums in the country, just as I try to make sure I’ve read the top 10 best sellers, consistently.

So, when Kendrick Lamar’s new album came out, I took a real, hard listen. I get the hype behind him and I’m down to try to participate. That being said, it wasn’t mind-blowing. It was fine, but that’s pretty much it. So, when I saw my social media start to blow the f up over his new album, I was confused.  Not to stand by my original judgement, I thought that I missed something, so I listened to it again. And again. And again.  I’m telling you, with music at least, I give it a good, college try.

My conclusion: Kendrick Lamar is overrated and people like to jump on bandwagons. At least I passionately like terrible music. 😉


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