Why now?!

So, why now? Why am I choosing to record my thoughts in a blog and to start sharing? There are many reasons.

I do hope that maybe this provides someone with some comfort.  Though, I do not plan to optimize my page in any way, so I don’t expect it to get indexed in anyway that will reach anyone who does not know me.

I want a way to share my journey with my friends/family without them having to ask what’s going on.  I never know if they’re asking because they feel obligated or if they really want to know. This way, we can avoid all that and they can take a look if they so choose.

I want some other people to know what’s going on.  For many years, people have assumed that I’m doing my own thing right now, I’m [too] focused on my career, or I simply don’t want children.  That being said, people are suddenly becoming a lot more interested in my family plans as I age. Rather than answer questions all the time, I figure I can answer them here, for the most part **NOTE: I really don’t mind answering questions or talking about this, most of the time. As long as you don’t mind a few errant tears, I’m down to discuss. This will simply give you a background of what’s going on.** For people with whom I work, the doctor’s appointments are getting a bit much and several of them believe I’m pregnant.  I would prefer to tell the truth rather than have to constantly talk about how I’m not secretly pregnant and hiding it.

So, you are all caught up to present day. Read the updates if you want, ask me questions if you want, but please, please, please reserve your judgement for somewhere else. These are my feelings and I want to be able to share them, unfiltered and unadulterated.

Cheers and Love!

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