Doctor's Visits · Results

The Results

Since I was in a unique situation where a different doctor did my surgery than from whom I was seeking my infertility treatment, I had the results come at me in several waves (the last of which was several months after).  They told me immediately that it went as well as could be expected, but the endometriosis was incredibly severe.  It was a stage 4 and they removed everything they could, but had to leave some there so as not to further damage my insides.  They did several biopsies which came back negative and told me to wait while I healed.

The Healing Process

The good – Overall, it was fine and quick.  I’ve never been one to dull my personality, so I’m not big on pain pills. I did take a couple in the first day, but stopped and converted to Ibuprofen.  I feel like the pain is probably nothing compared to child birth, so I should sack up and get off the pills.

The bad – My belly button will never be the same again. Seriously, I can’t even describe how it’s different, but it’s really weird now.  It’s too narrow and just looks questionable. I don’t trust it.

The ugly – I’ve got scars on my stomach now, which is fine with me, but I also had stitches hanging out of me for over a month! They kept telling me not to mess with them, but it’s really weird when you have stitches just chillin’ on the outside of your body.  They’re gone now and it seems fine, but it was not my favorite.

I was able to return to work (in pain, so may have not been the best idea) the day after and resume normal activities mainly pain-free within a week.

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