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The Day After (IUI #2)

So, the day after IUI #2, I went back to the doctor’s office for the ultrasound to confirm ovulation. I’m feeling pumped, slightly nervous, and ready to get good news.  I get there, go back to the room, undress from the waist down, and wait for a few minutes.

The friend who told me about this doctor has now gotten me paranoid about socks.  I have some irrational fears with this, all related to my vagina, but after talking with her, she always brings clean, new socks with her.  Now, due to her advice, I keep a pair of clean socks in my glove box so that my feet will always smell fresh.  It’s always a little funny, so I suppose it takes my mind off of things slightly.

So I’m feet up, legs spread, clean socks, and ready to go.  The doctor and nurse come in and they begin the ultrasound. Here come the noises and the statements again. “Hmmm,” “You see that?,” “Okay, you can sit up.”

The news (slightly paraphrased):

You didn’t actually ovulate.  The cyst didn’t pop, the egg didn’t go anywhere, you aren’t pregnant. Get dressed and come out here.

When I came out there, they explained that they wanted to do this once more and up my medication to see if it would have any effect.  Because it is the cheapest option, I agreed for one more IUI.  I agreed to call them when I started my period and left.

Then, I cried in my car in the parking lot prior to returning to work. Damn hormones!

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