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Rewind to May 2014….

May 3, 2014 was the day my husband and I were married. We had been together for over eight years and had already very much started a life with one another.  Starting a family was something we always talked about, but we were never in any hurry.  We met when I was 18 (he was 20) and married when I was 26 (he was 28) so I always thought we had plenty of time.

I’ve always been very focused on my career and have loved my job from the moment that I first interviewed.  I started two days after I graduated college and have never looked back.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with inspiring, amazing people and every, single day I am challenged to be better than I was the day before. I’ve always known that my career would be something that would be important to me – I never “dreamed of being a mother” as other people did when they were young.  I dreamt of a successful career – the definition of which changed over time.  Money is never something by which I have defined success and is never a motivating factor for me (other than to ensure the viability of my family). I thrive on meeting and exceeding expectations and enjoy solving problems.

Shortly after we got married, my feelings changed for whatever reason and I wanted to start a family, sooner rather than later.  After J and I discussed, we decided that we would stop using contraception and give this thing a go!  Since everyone thinks that your family plans are their business, I got mixed reviews from those who knew our plans.  Never one to act based upon other people’s opinions, we went forward and began the wonderful (I really wish there was a sarcastic font) journey of trying to conceive.

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