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IUI #2

On March 6, I went back to my RE on cycle day 3 (again one of those things where they like you to be on your period for the ultrasound…). They took a look, said I appeared to be healing fairly well and we could proceed with IUI for that month! I was ecstatic. In theory, the results of successful IUI after these surgeries were significantly higher and so, I was hopeful.   This time, it was assisted IUI.  In my last IUI, (as previously written about), I simply took at home ovulation tests and called when I got a positive, with no monitoring before or after. This is considered unassisted IUI. So, I was prescribed a higher dosage of Clomid than I had ever been given and also would be doing an injection of HCG to induce ovulation at the correct time.  I had another ultrasound on Day 10 of my cycle to look at how my follicle(s) were developing.  At that point, I again received good news! My dominant follicle was 22 mm and I had another follicle which was smaller but still ready, as well.  I did my first injection at 10:30 PM that evening (with the IUI scheduled for 36 hours after the injection).

I am a crazy person, so I constantly freak out that I’m going to do something wrong, so mixing the fluid for the shot, then switching needles, etc., was terrifying for me. The shot, not so much.  I’m sure the wine I had prior helped alleviate any possible fears I may have had, too. I explained to J over and over that he had to not worry about hurting me and just shove it in my ass like a dart and push it all the way in prior to injecting the solution.  He had no issues with that (perhaps he was annoyed of my constant hormones…?) and was able to easily inject it.  It was fairly painless – slightly sore the next day, but the needle was small and my butt has plenty of cushion for the pushin’ (not usually as a comparison to giving an injection, I know).

Then, we waited until that Wednesday where J went at 8:30 to give his specimen and I went at 10:30 to be inseminated.

Worth noting in all this is that J works from home/in STL.  He has to be in STL 1-3 times weekly and has been busier recently.  The IUI, of course, would have to be done on a day when he was supposed to be in STL at a new training.  Infertility is certainly not convenient!  The day after IUI, I would be seen for another ultrasound to determine if the cyst had popped and I had actually ovulated.

So, the day of IUI, I went to work as normal and talked to J after he came in a cup. He said he thinks it went well.  (That’s not quite what happened.  I said “Hey babe, how do you feel about it? Do you think it went well? Do you think your sperm are good? How are you feeling overall?” and he said “I don’t know. It was fine, I’m good.” I translated that in my head to come up with the conclusion that it went well.) At 10:10 (I set an alarm on my phone), I left work and went to go get inseminated.  I waited a couple of minutes and then went back and, as usual, undressed from the waist down.

The nurse came in and asked me if the name on the vial was J’s.  It was. I also confirmed his DOB.  She then explained the process a bit more than what was explained to me before. I had, at this point, been through it before, but it’s nice to hear someone tell you what’s going to happen.  First, she would insert a speculum, then she would clean off my cervix, then she would insert the catheter to perform the insemination.  For whatever reason, it was a hard pathway this time and the process was slightly painful.  Things worth noting: I’ve had two doctors tell me that I have the smallest cervix they’ve ever seen (it’s my first time being the smallest, so I tried to take it as a compliment, even though it’s not) and my uterus is twisted like a tornado and is considered retroverted or tilted.  Anyway, finally I was inseminated.  I laid there for 15 minutes and budabing, budaboom, I was feeling good! Surely, this time I was pregnant. I had my goodbye glass(es) of wine the night prior with a friend and was ready to be knocked up!


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