IUI #1

So, what happens with IUI? The process itself is remarkably easy and quick.  J comes in to give his sample a couple hours before I’m scheduled and the semen is “washed” and put through a centrifuge.   I’m sure that there are more steps, but that’s what I took away from it.

Apparently, if you insert just straight ejaculate (I really feel like I’m going to have to come up with more words for all of this so I don’t get boring) into the uterus, it makes you very, very ill.  Normally, during intercourse, since the sperm has such a long way to travel, the dirty, poison, yucky particles get filtered out on its journey. Since there is very little journey for these guys to make in IUI, it must be cleaned!  The centrifuge helps in natural selection – only the strong survive!

When I got there for IUI, I laid down on the table, feet in stirups, and they asked me if the tiny vial has my partner’s correct name and date of birth. This process is hilarious to me because I would hope you could bring the correctly labeled vial, but who’s to say that it’s actually his sperm?!?! So, I guess I trust them…and go forward.  They then inserted a catheter and emptied the sperm into my uterus. After this, I stayed in a reclined position for 15 minutes, then resumed all normal activities (went back to work).

I left feeling hopeful and excited for the future!

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