It’s easy, right?

For some reason, I thought that you decide you want to get pregnant, have some sex, and BAM! you are rewarded with a tiny baby.  No one ever seems to talk about any other journey or the possibility that it might not be as easy as getting frisky at the right time of the month.

Being the planner that I am, I immediately stocked up on ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. We were going to knock this out of the proverbial fucking park (see what I did there?) and were going to make a baby the first month (maybe the second month, tops) of trying.  Ovulation test after ovulation test and finally, I got the hint.  I wasn’t ovulating, so going through the motions each month was an effort that didn’t have a shot.  I scheduled an appointment first with my OB-GYN at the time. At that appointment, I let her know what I believed the problem to be and she gave me a prescription to Clomid.  The second month of taking Clomid, I finally saw a positive ovulation test, thank goodness!  So, now, the timeline can start – one month, maybe two, and I will be pregnant.

Three months later….

I’m still not pregnant and getting increasingly frustrated by the day.  No, it hasn’t been that long and yes, I understand that it is not generally considered infertility until you have been trying over a year (at this point it was around a year for us).  For most of my life, I’ve believed that I will not be able to get pregnant [and since I’m always right], my lack of success at that point simply supported my lifelong hypothesis. At that point, I was convinced something was wrong and I was referred to a reproductive endocrinologist (or fertility doctor, as I like to call them).

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